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For a beautiful lawn all year long trust the yard care experts at Koch Kuts. From mowing to raking to seeding we'll make it great.

Beautify your yard and help fight erosion with retaining walls from Koch Kuts. Choose the materials and style that are right for you.

You'll never settle for asphalt or concrete again after you've seen what we can do with brick pavers. Get paths and patios today.

Be a proud owner of the most eye-catching landscape designs by Koch Kuts. You are sure to be others' envy!

Stop worrying about your yard, start enjoying it.

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When you own property, it might feel like the possibilities, and responsibilities, are endless. Koch Kuts Landscaping and Maintenance is proud to be a leader among Burlington, Waterford, Mukwanago and all of south eastern WI, landscaping companies, and will be glad to help with all of your outdoor projects.


From taking care of the lawn to installing an elaborate backyard patio, Koch Kuts is an expert when it comes to caring for and beautifying your exteriors. As veteran brick pavers, we know how to complement the rest of your home with colors, patterns and textures. As grounds keepers, we are familiar with gentle yet effective solutions to keep your grass green and weed-free.


Do you have problem areas that deal with erosion, standing water, pests and other complications? Koch Kuts has an arsenal of answers to these challenges, and can fix your problem with practicality and style. Say goodbye to that bothersome lawn patch or mosquito-infested lawn dip and replace it with new sod or even a new footpath.


Patios are a great way to expand your living and entertaining space, as well as upping the value of your home by as much as 15%. Imagine how much easier it will be to take the party outdoors when you have a stable, flat surface that holds up and looks great for years to come.


Retaining walls are a wonderful safeguard against erosion. You can transform steep slopes or easily flooded areas into a garden, pond or terrace, and make use of materials like wood, concrete, bricks or boulders.    


Koch Kuts is pleased to assist residential and commercial customers with a wide variety of landscaping and maintenance needs. We are fully insured for your protection, and come backed by our reputation and experience.


For the finest pavers, landscapers and grounds maintenance professionals in Burlington, Waterford, Mukwanago and all of south -eastern WI, contact Koch Kuts Landscaping and Maintenance. We look forward to serving you!

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