Koch Kuts prides ourselves on our honesty and dedication to our clients. We provide Brighton with both commercial and residential landscaping services. We offer weekly maintenance, We pay extra attention to detail to ensure you’re always getting our absolute best! If you’re ready for a yard makeover in Brighton, contact Koch Kuts for a free consultation and quote today!

Landscaping in Brighton, Wi.

Koch Kuts specializes in both residential and commercial landscaping in Brighton, Wisconsin. We offer many services in Brighton including weekly maintenance, landscaping design, aerating, dethatching, ground maintenance, fertilizing, and so much more. Keep reading below for more information on our landscaping services or contact us today!

Lawn Maintenance
(Mowing & Trimming)

Letting Koch Kuts take over your weekly lawn and ground maintenance means you get to spend more time doing the things you love the most. We will come out once a week to cut your grass and clean up the edges of your yard to keep it looking fresh and clean! To get started with a yard maintenance contract in Brighton, Wi., contact us today!

Seasonal Lawn Care
(Preparing your yard for the seasons to come)

Koch Kuts recommends additional maintenance at least twice a year. The best way to keep your yard looking fantastic and thriving is to continue to invest in it. Keeping up with routine maintenance will maintain a manicured look without you having to spend a hot Saturday afternoon taking care of everything you’ve put off all season long. Contact Brighton’s go to landscapers today for more information on seasonal yard care!

Landscape Design
(And Restoration)

Landscape design is more than making your yard look nice. The design needs to be functional and structurally safe, all while making sure you are giving your plants the best chance at survival. Koch Kuts will help you design the perfect space for your family by adding in patios, pergolas, vegetation, and whatever other elements you may want to make your yard inviting and relaxing! An added benefit would also be that your curb appeal can play a big part in the value of your home! Our professionals are prepared for any size mess you may have for us and will turn your overgrown disaster into a beautiful space for your family.

Upcoming Seasonal Service: Spring Lawn Care

Koch Kuts is proud to offer top of the line spring lawn care services to get your yard back in shape after the harsh winter. We specialize in custom lawn tailored to what your grass and soil need! We are fully licensed and backed by over 25 years of experience in landscaping and lawn maintenance. Contact Brighton’s top rated landscapers today for more information and a free quote!

Hardscaping in Brighton, Wisconsin

Koch Kuts sets an industry standard for our amazing hardscaping design services. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa retreat or an outdoor hotspot for entertaining the whole neighborhood! You’ll work directly with an experienced designer to make sure your space is exactly what you’ve always dreamt of! Keep reading for more information or contact us today for a free consultation!

Brick Pavers

At Koch Kuts we specialize in brick paving for patios, driveways, walkways, seating, fire pits and more! We offer a multitude of designs and colors so no matter what your style is we can build the perfect space for you and your family! For more information on brick paver installation in Brighton, Wisconsin, contact Koch Kuts today!

Retaining Walls

Finding the right people to design and build retaining walls is extremely important. Not only do you want it to look beautiful, you need it to function well and for a very long time. There are constantly new techniques and designs for long lasting and safe results. For more information on custom retaining walls, contact Koch Kuts today!

Custom Backyard Entertainment Spaces

Over the last few years, we have learned that spending time at home is often a better option than going out! If you’re spending more time at home, it’s time to invest in a space dedicated to spending time with the ones you love. Koch Kuts specializes in custom hard scaling designs that will wow. To get started building a custom outdoor living space with Koch Kuts, contact us today!