Outdoor Living Design & Construction Services in Burlington, WI

Koch Kuts is a reputable Burlington Hardscape Contractor. We can help you build a new outdoor living space or add new features to an existing patio. If you’ve got ideas for an outdoor living area and are ready to get your job quoted, give us a call at 262-534-9509 or use our online contact form.

We serve clients locally in Burlington, Rochester, Waterford, Honey Creek, Tichigan, Mukwonago, East Troy, Spring Prairie, Elkhorn, Lake GenevaKenosha, & Racine.

Hardscape Features to Include In Your Outdoor Living Space

Every outdoor living space starts with a patio. From there, we’ll add all of the hardscape features you want; including:


Retaining walls are often an essential part of outdoor living spaces. They can be used to enclose areas of your patio or to add additional seating. Most notably, retaining walls can be used to build more space into a hillside and to control landscape erosion.

Grilling Stations

When you build a custom outdoor living space, you’re going to spend a lot more of your free time hanging out on the patio. Make sure you consider your options for a grilling station, bar area, or outdoor kitchen to help make the most of your new space.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces

A fire pit is a simple addition that will make your outdoor living space more functional, not to mention more fun. If you’re thinking bigger, like an outdoor fireplace, we’d be happy to discuss your options. Give us a call to get your design started!

Water Features

Take your outdoor living space to the next level; consider adding a hardscape water feature! A small fountain or waterfall feature will make an enormous difference on the aesthetics of your patio and can help attract potential buyers in the future as well.


Enhance your patio or garden with a pergola! This is an especially appealing option for large patios or outdoor living spaces that feature multiple patios. The visually stunning construction of a pergola will become the focal point of your outdoor space.

Hardscape & Landscape

Hardscape construction, like building an outdoor living space, will require some landscape work. First and foremost to fix any landscape disturbed by construction. Often times, homeowners want to update their landscape design to complement their new space as well.