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Schedule Seasonal Lawn Care & Maintenance with Koch Kuts

Koch Kuts delivers high quality seasonal lawn care services in Burlington, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to learn more about our residential & commercial lawn care contracts or to schedule seasonal services with our pros.

Properly caring for your lawn year round will ensure lush, green grass in the summer and a quick bounce back after winter. Our seasonal landscaping services are perfect for homeowners & businesses looking to keep their grass healthy and property clean. Let’s discuss your lawn care needs and design a schedule that fits your budget.

Seasonal Lawn Care for Residential & Commercial Properties

We take pride in offering comprehensive landscaping & lawn care solutions to our clients in and around the Burlington area. When you hire Koch Kuts for professional landscaping services, you can trust that your lawn will be properly cared for and looking it’s best year round.


Our landscaping professionals will give your lawn the care it needs after a long, harsh winter. We’ll take time to evaluate your yard and prescribe a custom care plan that will leave you with a luscious, healthy, and thriving lawn. Our spring care services give your yard a fresh start so it can look it’s best all year round!


Our summer lawn care is mostly maintenance! We take care of the mowing, trimming, and make sure your yard is always looking its best! Most summer maintenance occurs once a week throughout the season to prevent your yard from ever looking overgrown and messy! You can count on us to get the job done with 100% satisfaction every time!

Fall Cleanup

We take the work out of fall lawn care & cleanup. Our landscaping team would love to manage the end of year care for your residential or commercial property. We’ll trim bushes & shrubs as appropriate and remove leaves & debris that has blown into your yard (like branches, twigs, and trash). We’ll lend a hand preparing your plants for a season of hibernation too.

Contact Koch Kuts for Landscaping & Lawn Care Maintenance in Burlington, Wisconsin

Koch Kuts is the premier choice for lawn care & maintenance services in SE Wisconsin areas; including Burlington, Waterford, Muskego, Mukwonago, Lake Geneva, Paddock Lake, Kansasville, and the surrounding areas.

Our Seasonal Lawn Care Services include:
  • Cleanup – We’ll clean up and remove leaves, grass & bush clippings, and any other debris that finds its way onto your property.
  • Core aeration – Hard, compacted soil will make it difficult for your grass to absorb the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Core aeration pulls small, uniform plugs of soil out of you lawn to break up thatch and create new channels for water & nutrients to reach distant root systems.
  • Seeding – The winter months can be especially hard on your lawn, even if it is well managed. We can reseed any bare areas for even, lush coverage over your entire lawn.
  • Mowing & Trimming – To keep your lawn well manicured, we’ll provide weekly mowing & trimming services.

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