Koch Kuts offers first-rate spring lawn care services in Burlington, WI and the surrounding areas; including Rochester, Waterford, Honey Creek, Spring Prairie, Lyons, Wheatland, Paddock Lake, Brighton, & Kansasville. Trust our experienced landscapers to properly care for your residential or commercial property. Call us 262-534-9509 to schedule spring lawn care in your area!

Spring Lawn Care & Cleanup

Springtime can be a very important time for your lawn’s health and overall growth. After your trees and grass have sat dormant for several freezing months, it can be a challenge to rejuvenate the hard work and money you put into it the year before. Our spring lawn care & cleanup services are tailored to your yard’s needs to ensure your soil and grass are looking fresh all the time!

Get a Free Estimate on Spring Landscaping Services

Get a free estimate on spring lawn care! Fill out our online quote form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our landscaping services are timely, effective, and hassle-free; allowing our clients to enjoy the nice spring weather rather than worrying about their lawn needs. We work meticulously to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. That starts with a customized spring lawn care plan followed by regular maintenance. Spring landscaping services we can help you with include:


While overseeding is common in the fall, it is necessary in the spring for lawns that have bare patches of grass. Overseeding paired with fertilization will help stimulate new grass growth.


Dethatching such as deep raking is necessary when thatch thickness reaches ½”. If your lawn was properly cared for in the fall, you likely will not have a thatch problem in the spring.

Core Aeration

We may recommend core aeration for lawns that have serious thatch buildup and compacted soil. Aerating your lawn will help your root system absorb more nutrients; promoting health.

Mowing & Maintenance

Our mowing service starts just as soon as the ground has hardened and new grass starts to grow. We’ll work out the best mowing & trimming services for your property and budget.