Your yard is the first impression someone gets of your home or business so you want to make sure it always stands out. The best way to do that is to keep up with maintenance and, even though it may sound funny, listen to what your yard needs. Every lawn is different, so each lawn may need different treatments and services at different times, but here is a list of common services and when you should have them done!

  • Mowing. This would be weekly maintenance during warmer months. Your grass will continue to grow any time the temperature is about 40°F but thrives between 60-75°F. Keeping up with the minor maintenance can improve the overall feel of your home or business and keep your yard healthy. 
  • Core Aeration. This helps remove the “bulk” and adds a path so that seed, fertilization, and moisture can reach the roots of your grass and provide nutrients. It is essential in order to preserve the health and beauty of your yard. Depending on your soil, you should aerate your yard every 1-3 years. Unsure what kind of soil you have? We can help determine the best course of action for you!
  • Fertilization and Weed Control: These are the easiest services to keep your yard looking its best. We recommend fertilizing and weed prevention once or twice a year depending on the health of your yard. 
  • Overseeding. This helps thicken and beautify thinning yards. We recommend overseeding at least once a year in the early fall, however for the best results it should be done again in the spring. 
  • Edging. Basic edging around your yard should be done every time you mow for crisp lines and details, but bed edging is done as needed, generally once or twice during warmer months!
  • Pruning and Trimming. We recommend trimming bushes at the beginning of summer to keep them looking full and beautiful, and pruning trees during fall to prevent ice and snow from building up and breaking branches. 
  • Leaf Removal. Removing all leaves and other debris from your yard is extremely important before the first snowfall. Leaving a layer to gather under snow can suffocate your yard and leave you with dull, dead grass in the spring. 
  • Landscape Additions. If you’re wanting to switch things up with your plants and bushes, let us know what you are thinking of adding and we will tell you the perfect time to plant them! Some plants will thrive over winter months and bloom in spring, while others need sunshine and warmth to grow. 

If you’re unsure of what your yard may need, let us help you decide! We promise we will never take advantage of your trust and will always be truthful on what your yard ACTUALLY needs. We are backed by 25 years of experience and countless happy clients. We are fully licensed and highly skilled so you know you’re always getting the best when you choose to make Koch Kuts a part of your family. For more details on any of our services, a free quote, and to schedule yard maintenance contact Koch Kuts today!