Help Your Lawn Flourish in the Fall & Spring with Late Summer Care

Full, green, weed-free lawns are properly cared for year-round, and the end of summer is a critical time in most lawn care programs. That’s not too surprising when you consider the amount of wear and tear your lawn experienced over the summer. Before cool weather strikes in the fall, it’s essential to remedy the problems caused by summer use, promote health in the last season of growth, and prepare root systems for a winter of sleep. Keep reading to learn more about the lawn care tasks typically performed in August & September.

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Lawn Care Tasks Typically Performed in August & September

Just like the rest of summer, it’s important to keep your lawn hydrated as fall begins. Hydration is critical if you have seeded a new lawn or overseeded areas that have thinned. You should also keep an eye out for lawn diseases that are prominent in the fall, like rust, red thread, and necrotic ring spot, among others. Below is a typical schedule for important lawn care tasks to complete at the end of summer/beginning of fall:


Dethatching & Aeration

Summer Thatch buildup and compacted soil will impede efforts to properly water and feed your root system. Dethatching & core aeration should be completed prior to seeding and fertilizing.

Mid-Late August


Overseeding should be done 6-7 weeks before the first frost, giving it enough time to sprout before the lawn goes dormant. Overseeding helps to prevent brown spots and reinforce thin areas in the spring.

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