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Living in southeast Wisconsin means enjoying autumns rich in color, especially in areas like Burlington & Waterford. While we love the colored foliage of autumn, the leaves eventually start to fall and become nothing more than a nuisance when they clutter your lawn & walkways. If you’re working a full-time job or chasing the kids around all day, it can be challenging to find the time and motivation to clean up leaves. You can count on Koch Kuts for timely, effective leaf cleanup as well as fall landscaping services that prepare your lawn for winter.

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What to Expect from Our Fall Cleanup Services

Our fall landscaping & cleanup services take care of important end of year lawn care tasks, including:
Leaf Cleanup

Leaf cleanup is essential for several reasons. You want to keep your lawn and walkways clear for safety, curb appeal (fall leaves are far less appealing when they’re brown and dry), and the health of your lawn. Depending on the amount of trees and foliage on your property, you may need multiple leaf cleanup appointments.


We’ll prune your trees and plants as appropriate to encourage growth and flowering in the spring. Proper pruning removes old growth, helps your plants get through winter, and promotes health for the following bloom. Pruning is not a DIY task unless you’ve done the necessary research to do the job correctly.

Final Mowing

Weather in southeast Wisconsin is unpredictable. It changes drastically from year to year. Your grass will continue to grow until it gets cold enough that it simply stops. We’ll provide mowing services up until it is no longer necessary (typically late November).

Fall Cleanup Schedule

The weather determines a schedule for fall cleanup services. Typically, though, fall pruning starts after the first frost, with leaf cleanup beginning early-mid November. Our fall landscaping services usually wrap up on December 1st or after the first snow.

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Don’t Forget About Fall Lawn Care Treatments

If you want your lawn to thrive in the spring, you’ll need more than lawn maintenance. Fall is a crucial season for lawn aeration, overseeding, and final applications of fertilizer & weed control products. Don’t stress about your lawn care, let Koch Kuts manage the seasonal needs of your property. Learn more.