Make Koch Kuts Your Choice for Fall Lawn Services in Burlington & Waterford, WI

Located in Burlington, Wisconsin, we help homeowners, businesses, and property managers in our area with fall lawn services. Our fall maintenance & cleanup services keep your lawn clean and well-manicured, while our fall lawn care services prepare your root system to survive winter and thrive in the spring. Keep reading to learn more, or call us at 262-534-9509 to get an estimate for service in Burlington, Waterford, or the surrounding areas.

Fall Lawn Care

The following lawn care tasks are performed in the fall to ensure a lush lawn in the spring.

Dethatching – for lawns with a great deal of thatch buildup, we will recommend dethatching in early fall. Breaking up thatch allows water and food (like seeds and fertilizer) to more effectively reach your root systems.

Aeration – like thatch, soil compaction makes it difficult for your root systems to get the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Core aeration removes plugs of grass and soil to help your lawn thrive before it goes into hibernation.

Overseeding – overseeding lawns is highly recommended in the fall. It roots new grass that will sprout in the spring, preventing brown spots and promoting a fuller lawn.

Fall Cleanup

We can provide fall lawn maintenance & cleanup as an individual service or in addition to fall lawn care. Fall cleanup includes:

Leaf Cleanup – excess leaves can be a problem if left to freeze over winter. When leaves start to pile up, we’ll include leaf removal in your lawn care appointments.

Trimming – to protect your trees and plants in the winter, and promote a healthy bloom in the spring, we’ll properly prune branches and stems as appropriate.

Fall Mowing – we will continue to mow your lawn until the grass is no longer growing (late November), adjusting the blade height as necessary to support grass health.

Serving Burlington & Waterford Areas

Whether you’re interested in learning more about our lawn care services, getting a quote for service, or scheduling an appointment in Burlington, Waterford, or the surrounding areas – we want to hear from you. Contact us online or call 262-534-9509 to speak with us today.