Honey Creek, Wisconsin Landscaping

Koch Kuts is a local landscaping company that started over 25 years ago with lawn maintenance, but we now specialize in everything that makes your yard unique! We have extensive experience in routine lawn maintenance, landscaping, hardscaping, shoreline restoration, and outdoor living design. Our professionals are all licensed and insured so you can trust you’re getting the best quality care that Honey Creek, Wisconsin has to offer! For more information on our services offered in Honey Creek or a free estimate, contact Koch Kuts at 262-534-9509 today!

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in Honey Creek, Wisconsin

When spring finally rolls around, don’t fill your schedule with countless hours of lawn maintenance, let Koch Kuts take care of all of your yard’s needs! At Koch Kuts we offer seasonal lawn maintenance in Honey Creek, Wi. so that you don’t have to even think about your yard. Contact us at 262-534-9509 for a free estimate and set up a seasonal lawn maintenance contract today!

Lawn Maintenance
(Mowing & Trimming)

Our lawn maintenance contracts include weekly mowing, trimming, and clean up. Let our team make sure your yard always looks its best! We know that inviting strangers on to your property can be a big decision, so you can trust that we act as the professionals that we are and treat your property better than we’d treat our own! We offer high quality yet affordable lawn services so that both residents and business owners of Honey Creek can have access to the best lawn care!

Seasonal Lawn Care
(Preparing your yard for the seasons to come)

Just like you should prepare your care for different seasons, you have to prepare your yard! Different services are prescribed by our team of professionals to keep your yard healthy all year long! Koch Kuts promises high quality services from our experienced team so you can trust you’re only getting the best from us!

Landscape Design
(And Restoration)

Landscape design is more than making your yard look nice. The design needs to be functional and structurally safe, all while making sure you are giving your plants the best chance at survival. Koch Kuts will help you design the perfect space for your family by adding in patios, pergolas, vegetation, and whatever other elements you may want to make your yard inviting and relaxing! An added benefit would also be that your curb appeal can play a big part in the value of your home! Our professionals are prepared for any size mess you may have for us and will turn your overgrown disaster into a beautiful space for your family.

Upcoming Seasonal Service: Spring Lawn Care

Wisconsin winters bring freezing temperatures and massive amounts of snow which can be extremely hard on your yard and landscaping. Koch Kuts is proud to offer spring lawn care to get your yard back in tip top shape. To learn more about our spring lawn care services and to schedule an appointment, contact Koch Kuts today!

Hardscaping Services in Honey Creek, Wisconsin

You won’t find a better company for all of your hardscaping design and construction needs in Honey Creek, Wisconsin! We work with you from the very beginning from designing, picking out details, and construction and make sure that you are 100% satisfied the whole time! We take pride in our professionalism so that you know you can trust Koch Kuts while we work on your property. A few of our hardscaping services we offer include:


Choose from many different materials including natural stone, brick pavers, wood, or concrete to create the patio of your dreams. This is the foundation of every other design element that you may want to perfect your outside living spaces. You can trust our professionals from the design to the construction of your custom patio!

Fire and Water Features

If done wrong, retaining walls can affect many aspects of your home including the foundation. That’s why at Koch Kuts in Rochester, Wi., each member of our team is back by years of experience and only the best training so you can trust that you and your family are safe! Retaining walls can improve the visual appeal of your home, control landscape erosion, and add extra seating to any landscape design! After evaluating your yard and discussing your vision for your space, our team will design a custom layout for your retaining wall!

Outdoor Living

Custom kitchens, dining “rooms,” and bars are just a few of the outdoor dining solutions that we offer at Koch Kuts. When you hire Koch Kuts for your Honey Creek, Wi. hardscaping service, you get our support from start to finish. We start out with a consultation discussing your wants, needs, and budget, theme you agree to your custom design and we get to work making it come to life! At Koch Kuts, we aren’t done until you are completely satisfied with your new outdoor dining space.

Shoreline Restoration Services in Honey Creek, Wisconsin

Shoreline restoration isn’t only beneficial to the curb appeal of your home, but also the local ecosystem in Honey Creek, Wisconsin! Shoreline restoration can be as intricate or simple as you’d like! At Koch Kuts, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and affordability. If your shoreline is in need of an upgrade, contact Koch Kuts at 262-534-9509 today for a free evaluation and estimate on any of our services!