Alleviate Soil Compaction & Help Your Lawn Breathe

Soil compaction is a common lawn problem, one that’s easy to miss and neglect. It’s also one of the most important issues to address year after year.

Compacted soil keeps your lawn from getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. Lawn aeration breaks up compacted soil and allows water, fertilizer, and other vital grass treatments to reach your root system more easily. Almost all lawns can benefit from lawn aeration. Depending on the scope of soil compaction, annual or bi-annual aeration may be required. When done correctly, aeration will help maintain a healthy, disease-free lawn.

How Lawn Aeration Works

The most effective aeration method is core aeration. A core aeration machine removes small plugs of soil from your lawn in a uniform matter. This creates empty space that compacted soil can expand into. The size of plugs pulled from your lawn and the distance between plugs will be determined based on the extent of soil compaction and the type of soil in your yard. You can rent a lawn aeration machine to do your lawn yourself. However, we always recommended letting professionals aerate your lawn. They have the expertise to determine the right pattern and timing for the best aeration results.

Mild temperatures are most ideal for core aeration. If your lawn is aerated once a year, fall will be the most advantageous. For bi-annual aeration appointment, your lawn will be serviced in the spring and fall.

Core Aeration Services in Burlington & Waterford, WI

Koch Kuts offers core aeration services in Burlington, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, including Waterford, Rochester, Honey Creek, Spring Prairie, Lyons, Bohners Lake, Kansasville, and more. Fill out our online contact form for a free quote on core aeration, or call us at 262-534-9509 to learn more about our costs and availability.