Your pets are part of the family. They are your fur-babies, your best friends. BUT making your yard pet friendly AND keeping them from damaging your lawn and landscaping can sometimes be taxing.

Dogs tend to do “their business” wherever they please, unless specifically trained to go in one area. Their urine can kill your grass and leave yellow spots.

Here are some tips for you to co-habit your landscape and your pets:

  • If possible, train your pups to go to the bathroom in a specific area
  • If your fur-baby has a favorite place they like to lay out, keep it comfortable, but un-damageable with a thick layer of soft or rubberized mulch. This way you don’t have an unsightly dead patch of grass.
  • Does your dog tend to make a path along the yard line or fence line? Consider creating a path out of softer hardscaping materials like bark mulch to help keep their paws cleaner and avoid the look of torn up lawn along the path. You can use stepping stones or some type of liner to keep the material from flying all around the surrounding area if your dog is a runner.
  • Trouble keeping them out of flower beds or gardens? Use decorative fencing to keep them away and still keep it looking nice.
  • Consider replacing your grass with artificial turf. FieldTurf withstands the wear and tear of pets. No more yellow spots, no more muddy paws and mud pits. No more digging holes. Obviously not a real lawn, but the next best thing!

We Love Dogs. We Love Landscaping. We can help you navigate the best way to care for your lawn and still love your pet and give them freedom on your property. Landscaping with pets can mean a little extra care – but we have you covered.

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