Lyons, Wisconsin Landscaping

Koch Kuts is a local company in Lyons, Wisconsin specializing in all things landscaping. Some of our services include weekly maintenance, hardscaping, seasonal care, and so much more. We got our start over 25 years ago with simple yard maintenance and now cannot believe how much our company has expanded. For more information on our services offered and to schedule a free no obligations quote, contact us at 262-534-9509 today!

Landscaping Services in Lyons, Wisconsin

Keeping up with your weekly lawn maintenance is exhausting. Did you know there are companies out there like Koch Kuts that come out and do all the hard work for you! We can come to see your property and give you a quote today! We offer many services to residents and business owners in Lyons, Wi. For more information, contact us today or continue reading below!

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Contracts
(Mowing & Trimming)

A lawn contract with Koch Kuts is the best way to make sure your lawn is always looking its best. A lawn contract includes weekly mowing and trimming, and we always make sure to clean up all of the extra clippings so that your yard looks pristine.

Seasonal Lawn Care
(Preparing your yard for the seasons to come)

Preparing your yard for the seasons to come is the best way to keep it looking and feeling healthy! Typically we recommend these services in spring and fall! Depending on your yard’s needs, we may recommend core aerating, leaf cleanup, pruning trees and bushes, or a variety of multiple services!

Turf Management

Koch Kuts offers customized turf management for residents and businesses in Lyons, Wi. After evaluating the needs of your lawn, we will determine what would be best to keep it looking lucious and green! We will create a perfect combination of fertilizer and weed control that is tailored specifically for your yard!

To get started with a free consultation to determine the needs of your yard and a free estimate, contact Koch Kuts today at 262-534-5909

Upcoming Seasonal Service: Spring Lawn Care

Getting your yard back to life after a harsh Wisconsin winter doesn’t have to be difficult! Koch Kuts knows all the best tricks of the trade to keep your yard full and fresh this spring! We come to you to evaluate your yard and will recommend exactly what your yard needs to thrive! Contact Lyon’s best landscapers  to receive a free quote on both residential and commercial services and to schedule spring lawn care today before times fill up!

Hardscaping Construction in Lyons, Wisconsin

At Koch Kuts, we love customizing our creations to make them perfect for you and your ! Whether you want your outdoor space tranquil and quiet, or game day ready, Koch Kuts will design the perfect space just for you! If you want more information on our hardscaping designs, contact Koch Kuts at 262-534-5909 or continue reading for a few of our services we offer to Lyons, Wisconsin residents!!

Firepits and Fireplaces

A fire feature is a great way to add some warmth to your yard so that your party can continue into the cooler months in Wisconsin! Koch Kuts offers Lyons, Wi. residents custom built fire features so they stand out! You can be ready to light the fire and grab some marshmallows with a beautiful firepit designed by Koch Kuts!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only add visual appeal to your yard, but also stability, flood prevention, and erosion. When you trust Koch Kuts to build your retaining wall, you know you are getting reliability, honesty, and durability. The possibilities are endless when you let us design a custom retaining wall!

Brick Paver Installation

Brick pavers are a great way to add color and variety to your yard. Some color options are red, tan, brown, grey, cream, and black. Brick pavers can be used for patios, driveways, walkways, and many other stand out features in your yard!

Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline Restoration is more than just looks. A proper shoreline can help your vulnerability to flooding and help stabilize the local ecosystem in Rochester, Wi. You may be hesitant to use a landscaping company for shoreline services, but at Koch Kuts we have a highly trained and experienced team dedicated to shoreline restoration so you can trust that you are getting the same high quality service as any other company.

Hardscaping is a fantastic way to add structure, design, and functionality to your yard! To get started on custom hardscaping in Lyons, Wisconsin, contact Koch Kuts at 262-534-5909 today for a free consultation!