From Modern to Rustic or maybe an island retreat or Mediterranean villa.  Swimming Pool Landscaping can transform the most basic pool and patio into an absolute oasis. Koch Kuts can work with you to develop a project that once complete gives the “wow” factor that you want for your yard

Consider the following simple principles of pool landscaping:

  • Making use of Potted plants can transform a plain patio area without the need to install a garden bed. Repeal mosquitoes by planting citronella plants in your pots.  These are low maintenance plants that have become a favorite due to their citrus scent and inspect repelling properties. Some other mosquito repealing plants include lemongrass, rosemary, marigolds and basil.
  • Planning on using your pool during the nighttime?  Add lighting into your landscaping.  Solar lights, lighted fountains and tiki torches will all provide a captivating glow during the nighttime hours.
  • Tall ornamental Grasses or evergreens along a fence or perimeter can give you extra privacy and are low maintenance.  Beware of deciduous or fruit trees that can cause damage or hours of extra maintenance from the falling leaves
  • Limit or eliminate grass close to your pool.  Not having to worry about grass clippings while performing lawn maintenance will give you extra time to enjoy the oasis that you have created.

Plants to use: 


Long blooming flowers

Evergreen trees and groundcover

Ornamental grasses like fountain grass

Plants to avoid: 

Plants that attracts bees and other insects like mint or bee balm

Fruit bearing trees

Plants with thorns, barbs, or other prickly parts like roses or hollies

Deciduous trees whenever possible

At Koch Kuts our professional team will work with you to bring the pool and patio of your dreams into a reality.

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