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Why should you hire Koch Kuts for your Shoreline Landscaping Project? We are experienced and knowledgeable on your options and will provide the best care for your lake home or waterfront property landscaping.

Owning a piece of shoreline property is something to be proud of. Keeping it looking its best, safe, sustainable and potential useful is key to maintaining or increasing value. It takes the right kind of landscaper for optimal shoreline landscaping. Koch Kuts will fully evaluate your shoreline turf and how it interacts with the elements including wind, ice, surf, gravity and time/seasons in general. There are three main benefits to hiring a shoreline landscaper:

Support and Enrich your Land around your Shoreline

Proper shoreline landscaping techniques can benefit your property in a few ways. The addition of a retaining wall can add support to the earth surrounding and prevent flooding while adding a pathway can allow for beauty and usefulness. You can also consider adding a switchback or staircase from your home or building to the shoreline.

Protection and Restoration of your Shoreline

Koch Kuts can install stone or other visually aesthetic means such as a small sand beach to prevent erosion. It’s also important to remove overgrowth that may be harmful to your shoreline such as buckthorn and other invasive growth.

Environmentally Safe Structure and Additions

When landscaping your shoreline, it’s important to not disrupt the needed natural flora and fauna of your shoreline. When installing a boat ramp, patio, lighting, retaining wall, decorative plants or flowers – it’s important to make sure you don’t harm the natural habitat. A professional local landscaper like Koch Kuts will be knowledgeable and be sure to make this happen for you without any reason for concern.

Koch Kuts specializes in top of the line shoreline landscaping. From the initial plans through to completion – we have you covered.

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