Retaining walls are structures that hold back any material and prevent it from eroding away or sliding down.  They are designed to resist the pressure from the material that it is holding back.  Many homes are built on slopes and hills making it necessary incorporate retaining walls into the landscaping.

Before working on retaining walls you must consider multiple factors.  The most crucial is that the design must cater to the slope requirements in order to have the best structural stabilization and balance.

Types of Retaining Walls

The following are five of the most common types of retaining walls used for residential landscaping:

  • Gravity walls are often used for small wall that do not exceed a height of four feet.  This kind of wall relies on its weight to resist the pressure of the materials behind it.
  • Sheet pile retaining walls also known as piling retaining walls are a type of wall that is utilized on softer soils that don’t have adequate space for a wide barrier. Usually it uses planks that are vinyl, steel, or wood that is inserted into the soil and held up by soil on either side taller walls require a tieback anchor for added support
  • Cantilever retaining walls are a single-layer wall built with a base connected to a slap.  They are capable of holding a significant amount of material and can support taller slopes.
  • Anchored retaining walls utilize cable anchors for added strength.  The cables help the wall resist pressure from the materials that could cause instability.  Anchored walls are ideal for supporting heavier loads.
  • Counterfort retaining walls are similar to cantilever but have the addition on thin vertical concrete webs installed at intervals along the rear side of the wall.  This results in added strength and are preferable when building structures in excess of 25 feet and higher

A retaining wall not only creates a barrier and additional space it also adds an aesthetically pleasing piece to your landscaping.  When you are ready to design a retaining wall work with one of our expert landscapers to design the perfect wall for your space.

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