Koch Kuts is a local family owned landscaping company providing homeowners in Rochester, Wisconsin and other southern Wisconsin communities with high quality lawn and shoreline care. Just like we want our family to be treated with respect, honesty, and kindness, we treat all of our clients that way. We work with dignity to make sure that you are getting the best possible service our team can offer. Contact us today to set up your free quote at 262-534-9509.

Rochester, Wisconsin Hardscaping Design

Now more than ever we have a whole new appreciation for the outside extension of our home. A few of our specialties at Koch Kuts are firepits, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and so much more in Rochester, Wi. Your outside living space deserves just as much attention as your indoor living space! At Koch Kuts, we will work with you to determine your needs and design the perfect environment based on your desires and budget! If you are ready to give your yard some much needed attention, contact Koch Kuts at 262-534-9509 for a free consultation with our designers and to get started on your Dream yard renovation in Rochester today!

Rochester, Wi. Lawn Care and Maintenance

We are so thankful for the growth that we have seen in our services and offerings, but we love getting back to our roots and providing the best lawn care in Rochester, Wi. We use only high quality materials and equipment and provide our team with the best training available to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with our services.

Lawn Maintenance
(Mowing & Trimming)

Yard work should be the last thing on your mind at the end of a very busy day. Weekly maintenance and care can get extremely demanding especially in the height of summer. Mowing, weeding, and trimming can take away valuable time from more important aspects of your life. Stop stressing over your yard and let our highly experienced team of professional landscapers handle your weekly maintenance. We take pride in our friendly and professional team and our affordable pricing options so that professional lawn care is attainable to everyone in Rochester, Wi.!

Seasonal Lawn Care
(Preparing your yard for the seasons to come)

Every season requires different preparatory work to ensure the health of your yard. With our seasonal lawn care services, our professionals will evaluate the current state of your yard and recommend what would be best to keep your yard looking and feeling it’s best. You can choose to take advantage of all of our recommendations, or just the ones that are most important to you. We work with your budget and will walk you through the benefits of each of our services so you don’t have to worry about being bullied into anything. We use only the highest quality treatments so you know you’re always getting the best lawn care available in Rochester, Wi.!

Landscape Design
(And Restoration)

Landscape design is more than making your yard look nice. The design needs to be functional and structurally safe, all while making sure you are giving your plants the best chance at survival. Koch Kuts will help you design the perfect space for your family by adding in patios, pergolas, vegetation, and whatever other elements you may want to make your yard inviting and relaxing! An added benefit would also be that your curb appeal can play a big part in the value of your home! Our professionals are prepared for any size mess you may have for us and will turn your overgrown disaster into a beautiful space for your family.

Contact Koch Kuts in Rochester, Wi. at 262-534-9509 for a free consultation and estimate on all of our landscaping services!

Upcoming Seasonal Service: Spring Lawn Care

Winter is extremely rough on your yard, that’s why we recommend giving it a little extra TLC come springtime! If you’re not sure what your yard needs, our amazing team of professional landscapers will help you decide what will help your yard look its best all year long! Our spring services are a great way to set your yard up to thrive! Contact Rochester’s favorite professional landscapers today for more information on our spring lawn care services!

Top-Rated Hardscaping Services in Rochester, Wi.

At Koch Kuts, our team specializes in Hardscaping services in Rochester, Wisconsin. We design and build outdoor living spaces including patios, pergolas, fountains, firepits, retaining walls, walkways, and anything else you can dream up!


The possibilities are endless when it comes to building a custom patio with Koch Kuts in Rochester, Wi. Brick, concrete, wood, and natural stone are just a few of the many options for building a custom patio.

Retaining Walls

If done wrong, retaining walls can affect many aspects of your home including the foundation. That’s why at Koch Kuts in Rochester, Wi., each member of our team is back by years of experience and only the best training so you can trust that you and your family are safe! Retaining walls can improve the visual appeal of your home, control landscape erosion, and add extra seating to any landscape design! After evaluating your yard and discussing your vision for your space, our team will design a custom layout for your retaining wall!

Outdoor Living

Why should your living space stop at your back door? At Koch Kuts, we specialize in designing and building custom outdoor living spaces that help embrace the natural beauty that your yard already features! Firepits, built-in seating, fountains, kitchen and dining options, and bars are just a few of the endless opportunities you have when it comes to customized outdoor living spaces in Rochester, Wisconsin.

Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline Restoration is more than just looks. A proper shoreline can help your vulnerability to flooding and help stabilize the local ecosystem in Rochester, Wi. You may be hesitant to use a landscaping company for shoreline services, but at Koch Kuts we have a highly trained and experienced team dedicated to shoreline restoration so you can trust that you are getting the same high quality service as any other company.