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Schedule 2020 Spring Lawn Care with Koch Kuts!

Spring is almost here! And we know it’s easy to get distracted by the bright sun and warmer temperatures. But it’s time to schedule spring lawn care so that you can enjoy a green, plush lawn this summer. So don’t forget to call Koch Kuts for landscaping services in Burlington & Waterford, Wi.

Services Typically Included in Our Spring Lawn Care Plans

We’ll evaluate the needs of your lawn to help you determine what services should be included in a spring lawn care plan for your property. We strive to provide you with relevant information and won’t pressure you to sign up for any services you are not interested in. When our landscaping season kicks off, our most popular services include:

Fertilization – we promote future growth and give your lawn it’s first burst of life with a granular fertilization treatment. Your root system will be able to feed until summer and your grass will be greener and thicker.

Weed Prevention – weeds can be a serious nuisance that can’t generally be properly fixed until the weeds start to grow. However, weeds like crabgrass need to be stopped before they start to grow. We’ll lay down a pre-emergent treatment to prevent crabgrass growth.

Overseeding – after the snow melts, you may be left with a couple bare patches where grass is dead and refusing to grow. Overseeding and fertilizer will be used to promote new grass growth in those areas.

Dethatching – through deep raking and other techniques, we’ll remedy excess thatch buildup sitting at the surface of your grass. This will help keep your grass healthy and prevent future thatch buildup.

Core Aeration – for lawns with severe soil compaction problems, core aeration may be needed. Core aeration needs to be timed correctly to ensure your lawn recovers correctly; which is why DIY lawn aeration is not recommended.

Mowing & Maintenance – we put together many of our lawn mowing & maintenance contracts in the spring too. Let’s discuss your needs and create the best schedule for mowing, trimming, and cleanup for your property!

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Fill out our online form for a free quote on spring lawn care. You can also call us at 262-534-9509 to discuss your needs and schedule lawn care services now. Our local landscapers are proud to serve homeowners & businesses in Burlington, Wi & Waterford.
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