What Lawn Care Tasks are Most Important in the Spring?

In the spring, your lawn needs special care to help it recover after a long winter and thrive once summer arrives. Whether you’re handling spring lawn care yourself or hiring a professional service, below are the most important and common spring lawn care tasks to consider:



Overseeding may be necessary in the spring if you have bare patches that are struggling to grow. If you are overseeding, you’ll need to consider related fertilization needs.


For lawns in the midwest, April is often when the first granular fertilization application is applied. This will help your lawn recover after winter and keep it fed until the next fertilization application is required.

Weed Prevention

For properties that battle a crabgrass invasion year after year, a spring pre-emergence solution can be applied to protect against crabgrass growth.

Insect Control

Spring can be a good time for insecticide applications too. Especially if insects like white grubs or chinch bugs are common in your area.


At the start of spring, after your soil has dried, it will be important to break up any thatch buildup. A deep raking in the spring will help you remove and prevent thatch.

Lawn Aeration

If you have serious soil compaction problems, you may need spring lawn aeration. Aeration timing must be precise for easy recovery and optimal results from spring lawn care.


As the ground dries and the weather warms, grass will start growing again. Once you start to see a little color in your grass again, it’s time to prepare your mower.

Spring Lawn Care Services in Burlington & Waterford, WI

Properly caring for your property can be time consuming and difficult. If you live in Burlington or Waterford, Wisconsin; let the lawn professionals at Koch Kuts handle the work for you. We will formulate a spring lawn care plan based on the unique & specific needs of your lawn. Get a free quote for your property today!