Mulching is one of the most important ways to protect and maintain healthy landscaped plants, shrubs and flowers. Some of the uses for mulch are:

  • Mulch helps to prevent weeds from coming through your garden beds
  • Organic mulches add nutrients to the base of the soil.
  • Mulch helps hold moisture in your plants and gardens, reducing the need to water as frequently
  • Mulch adds to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, giving it a finished look

Mulch is material that is spread over and around the roots of what you have planted. There are two types of mulch:

  • Organic mulch includes grass clippings, newspaper, leaves, and bark mulch
  • Inorganic mulch includes various types of gravel, rocks or stones.

Applying Mulch

When applying mulch you want to have a layer of mulch at least 2-4 inches as close to the roots as possible Adding mulch as needed when using organic materials to keep a healthy base in your gardens. Do not use too much mulch as it can result in suffocation of the roots of your plants. You also want to make sure you keep any mulch away from tree trunks. Mulches are very beneficial but they can become a habitat for insects around trees and houses. Most of these insects will not harm your plants but they may become a nuisance for you. This is important when using organic mulch close to your house. Mulch should be applied directly on top of soil to aid in moisture retention, using a barrier like plastic can damage the soil and cause it to dry out from lack of moisture. Apply your mulch is in late spring once the ground starts to warm up for the best effect.

When choosing the right mulch for your flowerbed you should first consider why you want mulch in the first place. Ask yourself what your specific mulching needs are and buy the mulch that will best suit your needs. Our professional Burlington landscapers will assist you in picking out the perfect mulch to add beauty and value to your home landscaping.  Whether you use colored bark mulch or beautiful colored rocks, your yard will have a clean finished look.

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