Doing a project yourself always seems as if it is a more budget friendly option, making it appear to be the best choice, but is that always the case? Tackling any big renovation without the help of a trained professional can open up a lot of doors for errors that end up costing more money in the long run. There are many different factors that go into landscaping. There are many common mistakes that happen during a do it yourself project that in the end will cost you significantly more than a professional landscaper would have initially. 

One of the most common mistakes is not calling 811 before you dig. 811 is a national service that requests all utilities companies to come out and mark roughly where any buried wires, pipes, or sewer lines may be. A professional company will do all of that for you as well as pay extra attention that they don’t get too close to any of these areas. Hitting one of these areas, even accidently, can cost an average of $6000 to fix. If it is a city line, it can cost upwards of $15,000. This not only costs a significant amount of money, the time it takes would completely derail any time line you would have set for your project. 

Another issue that would come up is the potential for going over budget. Using a landscaping company such as Koch Kuts will help steer you in the right direction to keeping your set budget. Going into a garden center or home improvement store can get extremely overwhelming. Looking at everything you may or may not need causes you to spend uncontrollably. A professional can help you set a plan and will order any and all supplies. They also already have the machinery that you may need for big projects like tractors, skidstears, forklifts for heavy supplies. Not only can renting these things get expensive, but the average person doesn’t have the skills needed to operate them. 

Did you know that certain plant species can be harmful to others? If you plant broccoli (or anything else similar like cauliflower, brussel sprouts, or kale) by tomatoes or strawberries because it can steal the nutrients from the weaker plants. Just like people, some plants work well together, and some do not. Hiring someone who has experienced these things can eliminate extra headaches later down the road when plants aren’t thriving. 

In addition to these possible situations, landscaping is extremely demanding on your body and stressful. The last thing you should be doing on the weekends after a long, busy week is throwing your back out digging up your lawn. Let our professionals at Koch Kuts take over and bring your landscaping to lift. 

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